Why Podcast?

This has become a very popular medium for communicating with a large number of people through the Internet. The next logical step in the progression of internet media, podcasting adds sound that millions of people have been writing, like the development of the radio. So why podcast? What does this young medium of podcast producer, and what you can achieve? What happens if a podcast becomes too popular, without advertising could not bandwidth costs become outrageous? Can you make money podcasting?

Podcasts perfect medium spoke to the audience directly no matter what the audience. in the form of podcasts, tutorials, discussions between interviewers and experts, editorializing, and often music and other audio effects. If you do not have access to any audio recording equipment, a podcast will not be feasible for you. In order to make the podcast itself, you need to be able to record yourself, edit recordings, convert it to a file type can be played on your computer (MP3 or AIFF), post them on the website, and most importantly, the syndicate them via RSS. If you do not understand how to do any of this have to do a little research to figure out if podcasting is for you.

Thus, if the capacity and the object you want to podcast, so why not get started. Thanks to a number of podcast aggregators (the outstanding one of Apple & # 39; s iTunes), it is easy to put out a product and make it available to the public, who have never seen the site. This is easy access to the downside, on iTunes you & # 39; fighting with hundreds of thousands of other podcasters to the ears of millions of listeners. For this reason, you should be prepared to wait a bit before the feed finally, if ever, takes off. It is important to keep a regular update schedule despite this because students are often swept away podcasts to claim that every two weeks, but it just seems to be updated once a month.

But what if you become successful, so successful that the traffic to your site starts costing more and more money? There are a few options in this situation a few; none of them are necessarily happy choices. The first and most obvious is to add sponsors to your podcast, which allows companies a few seconds of advertising time before, during or after the podcast as well. This can be a source of some revenue, hopefully enough to cover bandwidth costs, but also can be intrusive and annoying, and after all, because a lot of people stopped listening to the radio advertisements. Another option is to change your storage space, so the RSS feed for files linked to a free server, such as the blipmedia. Although this means that the bandwidth is safe, it can now permanently connected to the service provider is not checked. As well, the transition to a new RSS feed could disrupt your listeners.

Podcasting can be a source of revenue, but the size is still young and lacking developed business models. Some radio personalities subscription sales of podcasts, others have tried a pay per episode model. If you hope to make money with those in the fashion, it is best to make sure that the best choice for any podcast theme and, most importantly, we have had to the audience. As well, it takes a bit of technical savvy to such payment system. Advertising, both on the site and the podcast, healthy way to make some income, but only if you get enough traffic. At the moment, podcasting is a young medium and not a good tool for profit. Over time, this may change, but for now, podcasts are a chance for someone to talk to millions.

Source by Ian Logsdon

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