What is a Podcast and how does it work?

Podcasts can be an effective method of developing traffic, attracting customers and credibility. This, in turn, if one wants to become a real expert in the eyes of your customers and prospects.

But what is a podcast?

The term itself is a contraction of two words – iPod and broadcast. Apple's iPod, of course, an MP3 player. The electronic version of the old tape recorder, if you will.

Thus, the term also means that the podcast regularly broadcast the MP3 audio format and portable players in some way – Apple's name is optional. But a podcast is really more than one and less than this.

In this article, I & # 39; m going to deal with what is a podcast four levels.

The first podcast is an audio file. In theory, there is provided in MP3 format. MP3 audio format used is a very capable, very compact form. It is also an independent manufacturer. However, podcasts can also be provided using either the Windows native format (WMA) or Apple & # 39; s QuickTime audio. In fact, there is a large number of audio formats available and podcasts in any of them. The MP3 format is the most popular.

2. It is intended to be downloaded to a web page (eg iTunes or the creator & # 39; s website) and download an MP3 player such as an iPod or one of many other manufacturers' products. This recording can then be played back at any time while the audience busy doing something else. The cars are common place playback of these files. Busy Commuters listen to something useful while traveling and in the office.

3. The content of any podcast creator wishes. As with any radio broadcast. However, normally they tend to focus on the spoken content rather than the music. This content can be provided in many different forms including teleseminars, interviews and readings.

4. In theory podcasts do not need regular basis. In practice, two types of fits. Once podcasts are usually not referred to as podcasts. The repeating podcast is repeated either once a week or once a month or every day. In short, it meant to be a re-occurring regularly broadcasts opinion, information or news. In practice, audio files which are one time only called MP3. The term podcast is usually only broadcasts that are repeated on a regular basis.

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