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That does not sound earth shattering to the larger that children read, the more they will read fluently. It's pretty basic. But the question is, "How can students practice reading aloud?"

The "old" days teachers provide students with a tape recorder, and children read it. Today & # 39; s age technology is improving and cause a whole new dimension of reading fluency. The trick is to activate the students' enthusiasm to the project! Creating a world divided by the audio track as a podcast excellent motivation. Not that improving reading fluency, the teacher is not enough motivation for the students, but also so that the worldwide audience of students varies considerably drive and performance.

Each piece of writing can become a podcast. You do not need a long time. Quite simply, the writing just a few sentences. In this case, all the child, or a group of students may react in common. The answer may be included that information in a topic, or just a creative response to a question. Even the children to write, practice and fix it. This can be a computer microphone or a voice recorder, and then upload to your computer.

A longer, be more involved in working on the concept of an interview between the narrator and the historical figure, the entire piece of writing or interpretation.

regardless of

length, the students practiced, record, listen, practice, record again until the fail-safe piece of the world to hear. And this practice is actually an exercise in reading fluency that can happen without the students knowing that this is one of the major objectives of the project!

Further projects and selection of the students will create views and responses of the class, students will be more savvy in their podcasting capabilities. To make it particularly easy to pick a few students to become your podcasting professionals who can help teach other students. Soon, the class will create podcasts and audio tracks with ease and you will see that the reading fluency of students improved significantly. Another advantage, I find that the students will be asking for more projects ,! Wonderful learning occurs when students ask for more …. I & # 39; He never had a student come in and ask the others to complete the worksheet!

inspire students to become fluent readers use the tool to share with the world.

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