Podcasting – How To Make Money With Podcasts

According to the Diffusion Group, a consumer marketing research organization, the audience podcast is expected to more than 50 million listeners in 2010 it is estimated that three quarters of people who will have their own digital music players listen to podcasts. Apple seems to agree – have recently begun programs to podcasts from the iTunes online store.

So how do you cash in on this trend in podcasting? Specifically, where the cash come from? There & # 39; and three ways to make money podcasting, and each has its own pluses and disadvantages.

  • sponsorship. As well as the traditional and the radio business, you can request a sponsor for all podcast. The sponsor pays you, it is on the podcast – ". Brought to you by Proctor and Gamble, suppliers to find personal care products" such as It & # 39; and advertising them, but it requires a podcast to get enough value and the reading public, it is worth. A variation of the method associate sponsorship of podcasting PPC ads from a third party using something like Google & # 39; s Ad Sense program.
  • Pay per cast. The easiest way to make money from podcasts to charge a nominal fee for all the cast – say fifty cents – or to a subscription podcasting. This is a form of publishing and if you & # 39; s enough "protein" of podcasts, people are happy to pay for it.
  • donations. Depending on the content of the podcast, donations can be an effective way to make money. Generally speaking, religion, politics, love-oriented, grassroots or social content is the most likely reason is to draw donations.

Whatever method you choose, the rapid growth of podcasting is too compelling to ignore!

Source by Sean Mize

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