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Podcasting is a great way to get your marketing message out to the world. If you're not familiar with podcasting is creating an audio file and upload it to the major podcast directories. By far the number of iTunes library to submit, so will want to focus on the majority of the energy here.

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podcast RSS feed for people to subscribe to light. What do you want to do is create a free blog on Blogger.com and set up a free account Feedburner.com. Feedburner is a free service that allows the host to the RSS feed to your account. When you register with Blogger, you can automatically assign an RSS feed, but this is the RSS feed in Atom format. I believe that Feedburner RSS feed hosted its own XML format – and it manages to be better than the Atom format.

If you & # 39; new podcasting, you will be pleased to know that podcasting can be done in an instant. It used to easily create your own podcasts when I used that YouTube videos on a web cam. I could not afford the current camera so I used a web cam to do a YouTube video. Then it would take the video and extract audio from it and create a podcast.

I did what I suggested above, and set up a blog on Blogger and Feedburner RSS feed, and I began to distribute content online. I submit my podcast on iTunes and other major podcast directories on the web. Fortunately, iTunes is free to submit to, and does not require a fee to get listed.

Although initially created YouTube videos to your podcast, I finally went and put some content from scratch. By this I mean that I picked up some podcasts from scratch. I had a computer that does not have a built-in microphone, so you had to use a web cam monitoring device. Many newer computers these days microphones, however, so purchase a separate microphone may not be required. about

talks about podcasting ideas. If you & # 39; stuck with ideas to talk about, think about your niche and what you do for a living. To begin with, you may want to write out a piece of paper what it is you want to talk about and express. This gives you a good starting point for things to talk about.

I know me, speaking off the top of my head the wrong business. You should always write things, so that the & # 39; s easier for me to know what you & # 39; I speak. Whenever I begin to talk about my ideas inconsistent and always seem to stumble over my words. If you & # 39; just so in writing what you want to talk first, and then continue recording the podcast.

As already mentioned, podcasting is a great way to get the word out about your business and to increase sales and profits. Be sure to start using it today to further enhance sales and profitability.

Good luck with your podcasting business .

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