Podcast File Format – Determination Right Audio File Format Your Podcast

If there is one word to describe the file format of the podcast, then surely "MP3". This audio file formats and compression has been around for more than a decade. The size is quite small, the quality is still good.

The most important thing is that almost all media players, including portable media players, now support MP3. Unless you have a reason for not using it for a podcast, you need to stick to the "standard" to attract more people.

an annoying compatibility problem is not every student can tolerate. Think of a time when you open a Web page that includes voice, but also for streaming and playing in the browser, you'll see an empty box without a message.

is very likely that you need to install a plug-in to listen to her. Many people just close the browser window and continue with what they are doing. I know. We have a fairly complete media player plug-ins installed on your computer, so if it ever happens to me, I know that this is some kind of "weird" size does not want to know.

There are times when other formats are more suitable though.

Some of the other common file formats are also popular podcast, AAC and WMA. AAC is a modern audio codec, which is part of the MPEG-4 specifications. This provides better sound quality than MP3 codec any similar data rates.

AAC is supported on Apple platform, although plug-ins are available for other platforms, including Windows PC.

WMA formats compatible with Windows operating system. MP3 typically provides higher quality sound than WMA unless in low quality. If the audience prefer one format to another, you can consider the given format. There's really nothing wrong with producing the podcast in both formats. The problem is, you also need to have two separate podcast.

RSS specification does not permit or a chamber piece by piece, so unfortunately, it is the only way to handle it. Although there are RSS and podcast aggregators that support more than one enclosures per article, it seems like you just as if several podcast is the best practice.

I noticed podcasters links in the secondary file format without feed. In this case, the minority users out there, while you can get your favorite file format without having to manually convert, you need to download manually.

The rule of thumb is, as always, is to listen to what the public wants and give it to them. But most of the time stuck to MP3 is a good start.

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