What is podcasting? How to use audio to Market Your Business

walking around with all those young people (and getting older too) headphones plugged into a small device called the iPod uses (if by Apple) or some other brand of MP3 player.

probably already know, they are used for listening to music. What you may not be able to use your iPod to listen to other types of audio – video and more. These audio can be billed as an online class (teleclass), or an online radio or podcast.

As a small business owner can create a single podcast can be downloaded from the website. Many coaches and consultants use free teleseminars TeleClasses or lead generation tool. If you are selling a high-priced product or service, it can be a great way to overcome any objections your prospects may be. By having a free taste of what you're doing, you & # 39; ll feel more comfortable working with you. And if TeleClasses record and offer a voice that can be downloaded from the website, it gives you one more way to attract customers.

Continuous podcast offers listeners the opportunity to "subscribe" via podcast RSS – just like you can subscribe to your blog using the orange RSS Subscribe. Subscribers will be notified when there is new content. They then download the content for your iPod and listen on the go. In fact, most MP3 players, software that automatically downloads new episodes.

An ongoing podcast can substitute for the blog or newsletter. Take a short, informative audio and upload them to a site like iTunes. Add a button to your website to get people to sign up from there.

The advantage of using sound people are more likely to spend more time listening than you can read a blog post or newsletter. An added bonus: Listening to the voice of the people start to get a feel for you as a man. You can not be an anonymous online business and become a real man. Over time, students become customers because they feel they know you.

Source by Andrea J. Stenberg

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