Podcasting by phone – Update customers with a quick call

podcast can be a time consuming process, depending on the purpose and scope of the online mediation program. If you have a podcast connected to your online presence – be it a weekly or monthly presentation of new products and services, interviews with people relevant to your industry, or a regular dramatic reading, it is very likely you will take care to make sure sound quality is high. You & # 39; ve invested in good equipment and royalty free music, maybe even hired voice talent. Since the acquisition of the interest information via Blackberry and iPhone rises, you & # 39; s not uncommon to see more people trying to get in on this impressionable audience.

What if they do, they can work with a small budget and 100% of the business & # 39; labor? There may not be time to invest in recording equipment and scripting a professional podcast, but I would like to offer some capability that allows visitors to audio and news. The special pages that instant podcasting phone that has a fast and cost-effective alternative, which is a springboard to the brand in the interactive world of the Internet.

Audio Blogging: the Basics

Where blogging is the process by which one enters a short passage of a blog publishing system – either the keyboard or mobile text, audio blogging as a matter of course. A user subscribes to the service and get a phone number to record entries. A cell phone or land line is registered, this footage is stored on the user & # 39; s latest audio blog page. Depending on the services in place, audio bloggers can also add widgets, websites or social networking profiles that people listen or listeners can subscribe to participate via new podcast episodes distributors like iTunes. As a podcaster, you & # 39; It s up to you to create and shape the material to broadcast.

The fly audio blogging, four services to the fore, with a variety of skills:

Gabcast.com – Users can record over VoIP and integration is available for WordPress, Typepad and phone or Blogger users to distribute podcasts. Visitor Gabcast can search for and download the audio MP3. Registration is free, since VoIP recording, but phone recording costs ten cents per minute (excluding charges cell phone, if available).

GCast.com – Powered by GarageBand, GCast free hosting and music for registered users who want to upload audio files. Recording via phone GCast feasible, but it comes with an annual subscription fee to which the terms of use. Widgets push through the promotion of sites and blogs available for podcasters.

CinchCast – structured to look like a social network, RCA record of registered users and mobile phone for free (private telephone charges apply) via a short audio blogs. Students can share audio Facebook and Twitter and respond to audio casts, yet there is no way to download the audio to a file.

Google Voice – While not created in aims audio-blogging, Google Voice is capable of creating short episodes . Get a Google number and call your blog (you & # 39; only about five minutes) and you can download the MP3 for future use.

One drawback to phone audio blogging is basically sound quality – mobile calls can lead to static and background noise, so these programs are best suited for casual and spontaneous instead of pouring audio recording audio books. If you & # 39; Interested in getting the podcast game, check out these programs on a quick alternative to the studio.

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