How to Podcast? Introduction to Podcasting

Podcasting is the newest craze on the internet and it continues to expand daily. Former MTV host Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer is credited with developing podcasting. Curry wrote a program iPodder which allowed him to automatically download internet radio for iPod and Winer was in promoting RSS. (Really Simple Syndication).

What is RSS? RSS allows people the ability to subscribe to their favorite blog or podcast and the information can be downloaded to your computer automatically. Subsequently, Curry and Winer devised a method to send audio files through RSS feeds.

The term podcasting comes from "iPod" and "broadcasting". However, you do not need an iPod to record or listen to a podcast. Anyone with a computer or mp3 player to listen to podcasts.

From radio talk show hosts Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh, traditional radio comprehensive podcasting. In addition, talk show host Sean Hannity offers and NPR (National Public Radio) is shown in the form of a podcast.

Television also offers podcasting. ABC News, CBS "60 Minutes", TV Guide and Ebert / Roeper, both available on the comedy podcast.

What is podcasting? Podcasting is an audio file to create on your computer and then upload it to the Internet so others can hear. All you need is a computer, microphone and voice-editing program.

Anyone can podcast. This is perfect for women, men, students, work-at-home-moms and the elderly. If you have something to say, podcasting is a great way to make it happen.

Do you have a favorite hobby that you would like to share with others? Are you a business owner who wants to increase customers? Have you ever dreamed of being your own talk show host or disc jockey? With podcasting, all of these things are possible.

You'd have his own podcast up and running today.

What do you need?

1. The microphone

You need a microphone to your computer so you can record the show. You can purchase a decent microphone at any computer store or Radio Shack. ( Http:// [19459009)].

2. Voice Editor software

Voice Editor software allows you to record and edit the show . There are two free programs on the Internet that you can use
(a) WavePad. (
Http:// )

Audacity (b). ( )

3. Upload show website Hosting Company or

After the show is recorded, it will be uploaded to the Internet. you can either put it on your website, or you can use one of the many hosting companies. ( Http:// ) one & # 39;. and the company where you can store your podcast

As you can see, podcasting is very easy to start We are at the beginning of this roller-coaster ride that hit astronomical proportions as time goes by..

The only way to decide if podcasting is for you to start. Take the first step and see how you like it.

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