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MP3 players changed the way we organize, and enjoy the most is that many people have been integrated into the music collections on our home computers – and all major Internet. As a result, new possibilities are endless, and & # 39; and the world of podcasting, it & # 39; and leading the way.

radio shows, TV, short film clips and personal audio and video blogs are instantly available on your fingertips, to be downloaded and listened to whenever you want, on your computer or on a portable player. and anyone with a computer and appropriate software running on your own podcast, consisting of students from all over the world.

So what is podcasting?

The word combination & # 39; iPod & # 39; and & # 39; Broadcast & # 39; although the & # 39; podcasting and anything that & # 39; s exclusive Apple or its iconic small portable. So what does the word this word actually mean?

First, podcasting refers to something more than a downloadable radio show. In fact, the podcast does not need to make an audio recording at all. In short, the word & # 39; Podcast & # 39; Any word & # 39; A & # 39; or & # 39; Clip & # 39; such as audio, video or both together to make available to the Internet using an RSS feed. This means that the user & # 39; subscribe & # 39; Podcast, podcaster posts concerned that when the new & # 39; Episode & # 39; then automatically downloaded to your computer using any software to organize podcasts (such as iTunes, if you & # 39;. iPod users

latest version of iTunes includes a comprehensive, seamless Podcast section, a an extensive library podcast for you subscribe to, including Virgin Radio and Disney, as well as a large number of comedy podcasts, short films andsport punditry.

So what should I do?

in order to to start subscriptions and listen to podcasts (by the way, the word & # 39; subscribe & # 39; does not mean you have to pay for it as the most podcastings free), you & # 39; ll need to download a software like iTunes, but there are alternatives. The most popular software Juice and Doppler, and is designed for a growing number of software applications that use specific MP3 players.

Podcast yourself?

podcasting is a two-way thing, and software such as BlogMatrix or EasyPodcast from Sparks allows you to create and publish their own podcasts easy. Only audio podcast, is actually a very easy thing to carry. There are three basic stages:

  • use some form of audio recording / editing software that sound & # 39; & # 39;. Because the software is easy to use, PC users need to look at the Cool Edit Pro, and Mac users can use GarageBand, which comes free with Mac as part of the iLife software package.
  • Turn the finished audio MP3 file. If you & # 39; ve finished editing your podcast, save the file to your MP3 media player like iTunes or Windows Media Player.
  • use a hosting site & # 39; host & # 39; The podcasts. These stores your current data and provide you with a web address and the RSS feed so anyone in the world can easily subscribe to the podcast.

And what & # 39; s all you need to become a podcaster yourself. For more tips, check out or podcasting section of the iTunes music store.

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