Podcasting: What is it and how do you start?

Podcasting is the latest trend in online and keep improving every day. This finding expression combines two words iPod and broadcasting. Podcast used to describe the video and audio equipment felt comfortable and more users.

Adam Curry and Dave Winer two people credited developing podcasting. Curry was the one who wrote a program that he called iPodder. iPodder allows you to download Internet radio stations directly to your iPod automatically. Winer, on the other hand, was a means to promote your RSS to a Really Simple Syndication.

Podcasting, you do not need an iPod to record or listen to a podcast. In fact, any person with a personal computer or an mp3 player is the ability to listen to a podcast.

We actually podcasting?

Podcasting is an audio file that you do on your computer and then upload it to the web so that others can hear them. What to do this work on the computer, microphone and voice-editing program.

There are no specific people who podcast. Actually, anyone can do it. This is ideal for women, men, home-based workers, women, the elderly and students. If you must say something, podcasting would be a great alternative to do this.

There's a routine that you want others to know? Do you have a business and want to increase the number in the ad? Have you dreamed of a host of a talk show or radio station disc jockey all? With the help of podcasting, all of the aforementioned will be impossible to achieve.

You can make your own podcast and run it.

What will you need?

• Microphone

The microphone is necessary in order for the PC to record the show. You can buy the right microphone to any electronic services or the computer store near your place.

• Voice editor

This allows you to record and edit your own show. There are free audio editing programs available on the Internet. They WavePad and fearlessness.

• Fill the Show website or Hosting Provider

After the show finished recording, you can upload to the Internet. You put your own website or otherwise use your hosting company.

As you may notice, podcasting is so simple and easy to start. Remember that just at the beginning of the new era, which certainly affected the world in the future.

Start Podcasting know, this is for you. Take the first step and notice that you will enjoy.

Source by Khieng Chho

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