What is podcasting?

podcast buzz word circulating on the Internet, which is becoming more popular at the moment. Many people listen to podcasts a day, and some even go so far as to create their own podcasts to listen to others.

Similar Podcasts Internet radio show. A podcast is audio content delivered to portable media players such as iPods, which can be downloaded automatically to a student & # 39; s convenience.

Before podcasting, blogging has become a popular phenomenon. Blogging delivered textual content aggregators and RSS news readers portable devices such as the Palm Pilot, a viewer & # 39; s convenience. Shortly afterwards, the news service audio was introduced via the same medium. Adam Curry, who is the former MTV media entrepreneur, created an Apple application script to automate the downloading and syncing of audio files to iPod.

podcasting is based on the backbone of code called RSS, or Real Simple Syndication. Think of the RSS feed. RSS is a way standardardized publication of information on the way and uses XML format. The way it works RSS audio content that contains boxes that are essentially URL references to web content. If a recording is a & # 39; and the web server, and this is the URL of the information displayed on the RSS code for that podcast, recording automatically synchronized been part of that is downloaded from the student & # 39; s portable device or podcast aggregator.

According PodcastingNews.com, the podcasting process works in 4 easy steps:

1) Publishers create content and post it to the web server in mp3 format

2 .) the publisher will establish and publish the RSS file that contains meta information about the audio file, such as name and description, and also will be included in the URL enclosure of the audio file location on the Internet

3) the end-user then checks for new updates to the feed by hand, or will the podcast aggregators such as iTunes will automatically check for updates on a schedule. Updates are then synchronized with your MP3 player or portable device.

4.) Users can now listen to the podcasts at their convenience.

The technical aspects of podcasting vary, as the number of equipment, mechanisms and tools for podcasting. However, if a podcast is created, it gives back one more piece of creativity in the world of online media, gives online users the opportunity to listen to brand new rich content, and the publisher provides an undeniable pride and accomplishment for sharing his interests in the world.

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