Why Podcast?

This has become a very popular medium for communicating with a large number of people through the Internet. The next logical step in the progression of internet media, podcasting adds sound that millions of people have been writing, like the development of the radio. So why podcast? What does this young medium of podcast producer, and what you can achieve? What happens if a podcast becomes too popular, without advertising could not bandwidth costs become outrageous? Can you make money podcasting?

Podcasts perfect medium spoke to the audience directly no matter what the audience. in the form of podcasts, tutorials, discussions between interviewers and experts, editorializing, and often music and other audio effects. If you do not have access to any audio recording equipment, a podcast will not be feasible for you. In order to make the podcast itself, you need to be able to record yourself, edit recordings, convert it to a file type can be played on your computer (MP3 or AIFF), post them on the website, and most importantly, the syndicate them via RSS. If you do not understand how to do any of this have to do a little research to figure out if podcasting is for you.

Thus, if the capacity and the object you want to podcast, so why not get started. Thanks to a number of podcast aggregators (the outstanding one of Apple & # 39; s iTunes), it is easy to put out a product and make it available to the public, who have never seen the site. This is easy access to the downside, on iTunes you & # 39; fighting with hundreds of thousands of other podcasters to the ears of millions of listeners. For this reason, you should be prepared to wait a bit before the feed finally, if ever, takes off. It is important to keep a regular update schedule despite this because students are often swept away podcasts to claim that every two weeks, but it just seems to be updated once a month.

But what if you become successful, so successful that the traffic to your site starts costing more and more money? There are a few options in this situation a few; none of them are necessarily happy choices. The first and most obvious is to add sponsors to your podcast, which allows companies a few seconds of advertising time before, during or after the podcast as well. This can be a source of some revenue, hopefully enough to cover bandwidth costs, but also can be intrusive and annoying, and after all, because a lot of people stopped listening to the radio advertisements. Another option is to change your storage space, so the RSS feed for files linked to a free server, such as the blipmedia. Although this means that the bandwidth is safe, it can now permanently connected to the service provider is not checked. As well, the transition to a new RSS feed could disrupt your listeners.

Podcasting can be a source of revenue, but the size is still young and lacking developed business models. Some radio personalities subscription sales of podcasts, others have tried a pay per episode model. If you hope to make money with those in the fashion, it is best to make sure that the best choice for any podcast theme and, most importantly, we have had to the audience. As well, it takes a bit of technical savvy to such payment system. Advertising, both on the site and the podcast, healthy way to make some income, but only if you get enough traffic. At the moment, podcasting is a young medium and not a good tool for profit. Over time, this may change, but for now, podcasts are a chance for someone to talk to millions.

Source by Ian Logsdon

Podcasting Trend

podcasting all the ingredients to become a major technology trend. Podcasting began with little fanfare but has the potential to become a giant wave due to a number of factors going for it. The word had Podcast iPod and broadcast from roughly (it sure sounds like that to me, not to hit me if I'm wrong!).

The process works pretty much like radio except that the broadcast is done via mobile devices and the power of content delivery via the Internet. This opens up a new form of broadcasting information tremendous opportunities for dispersion of information, entertainment and news.

Podcasting is a relatively new technology, and build sophisticated applications for people to use this medium effectively. Benefits of Podcasting make the statement is enough to attract major companies to consider it a serious communication mode. RSS 2.0 is the chosen form of podcasts and newer versions of the healthcare system are expected soon.

inherent advantages podcast:

do not have to invest in a new hardware: Podcasts readily available to all users of iPod and similar mobile .The sheer size of the iPod cult if you can call it that, is increasing the scorching pace. All users have to do is choose the subscriptions he would like to subscribe to and download the programs.

New lease of live radio programs: Radio programs are revived in a new generation of podcasters. A number of old radio programs were a mass following its hey day now appreciate the podcasts delivered. A huge chunk of high quality content becomes available thanks to this revival.

advertisers be far away? Advertisers are able to identify new advertising opportunities in the slightest whiff and Podcasting forums are already working hard to get the advertising industry hand in glove with the Podcasting community. Influx of advertising dollars lend greater credibility to Podcasting and this medium must be taken more seriously as well.

request broadcast: Podcasters and listeners rule this medium, which is a high level of on-demand listening. You can use this service when they do not want, pretty much like video on demand, but because of the success of the low demand greater bandwidth. This is probably the biggest advantage of Podcasting and perhaps the most important reason for that success is phenomenal.

own Podcast studio and very little investment: So who are podcasters? A podcaster can be anyone who has access to the internet, a decent computer and some software knowledge. Podcasting is very little by way of investment in hardware and software. This advantage of podcasting so happen almost anyone who is interested in it and has some content to share with the rest of the world

creativity is rewarded for podcaster & # 39; s world: content is king and high quality creative content is immediately rewarded by the Podcasting community which can be measured in the number of subscribers. So it is quite easy to gain overnight success if the content of the broadcast is unique and exciting.

Podcasting thus has number of benefits both inside and outside the community. A unique mass media which does not cost much to develop and distribute content. As with any new technology, the technology will be some teething problems, but support for the force will be good enough to be a raging success of the technology in the very near future.

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Podcasting – What Is It and Why You Should Care

The Power Audio and Video

They say that if the sound from the eardrum to the customers they want to connect with you more, like when you read his writings. In addition, some people just prefer to listen than to read. Others prefer to watch and listen. Therefore, the popularity of radio and television through the paper.

Another major advantage of audio podcast that you can listen to them while you & # 39; doing something else. So & # 39; and saves sense.

fully cover podcasting, we will need much more than the available space in the newsletter. But that's what you should know and be ready to engage, they & # 39; and the newest and fastest-growing technology out there.

There are hundreds of applications can give your podcast. The limits are as wide as your imagination. There is no doubt that some industries are more prone podcast than others. For example, a real estate broker might want to do instead of writing a video podcast blog. In this way, people can see what & # 39; We are talking about not only read about. The language training institute should do an audio podcast, because the people need to hear what you sound like other words. Explaining pronunciations printing is quite a task, is not it?

I & # 39; It s very much the same as the traditional media. Ask yourself now, what advertisers prefer the printed and electronic media and why. That does not engage your customers more often, reading, listening or watching? This might help you decide if podcasting is for you.

The entrepreneurial dream

The previous issues of the newsletter, we encouraged readers to start their own radio and TV stations on the Internet, as compared to the affordability of starting a brick and mortar facility. Podcasting – he & # 39; and not just the streaming media – may be a simple and affordable way to do that.
If you think that people can voice or video when people might want to see if you can still sell a billion dollar market that is the internet. Now is the time for that is because the rules are still posted, and like everything else on the Internet, the earlier you get, the higher the ranking in the future. Maybe you & # 39; good comic book and can tell good jokes to an audio podcast. Maybe you & # 39; An amateur musician and can play some original music for the stíldob. Maybe the passenger's so much fun, you can start a reality show about it.

The technical materials

Starting a podcast is easy and affordable as a home radio or TV station. It is definitely not cheap or easy. Forget what people say. It is set back a few hundred (US $) if you want to do it professionally. You should also learn to manipulate audio and / or video editing software. If you think you do not have the time or inclination, do not be afraid to take professional help. It & # 39; And that's why & # 39; here.

Podcasts originally catered primarily to Apple & # 39; and iPod users, but is now available in various formats. So technically, you can create any of the following files on your computer you can podcast: mp3, mp4, mov or.

Moreover, the mobile phone is now likely to join the podcast and high-speed wireless Internet access is now a reality, it will be the leader of the "good man dinner table" when it comes to the tune of a podcast. In a previous issue, we said, the big TV networks will start podcasting their shows in the US. Well, it & # 39; It is no longer "be." They & # 39; Now do it. ABC offers some of the most popular shows on podcast. This means that you never miss an episode of Desperate Husbands Born again because podcasts allows you to view whenever you want, wherever you want, literally.

So think about it. If you come up with something really worthy podcast, let me know. I & # 39; d love to hear it. No pun intended. 🙂

Source by Aleem Khan

What is podcasting?

podcast buzz word circulating on the Internet, which is becoming more popular at the moment. Many people listen to podcasts a day, and some even go so far as to create their own podcasts to listen to others.

Similar Podcasts Internet radio show. A podcast is audio content delivered to portable media players such as iPods, which can be downloaded automatically to a student & # 39; s convenience.

Before podcasting, blogging has become a popular phenomenon. Blogging delivered textual content aggregators and RSS news readers portable devices such as the Palm Pilot, a viewer & # 39; s convenience. Shortly afterwards, the news service audio was introduced via the same medium. Adam Curry, who is the former MTV media entrepreneur, created an Apple application script to automate the downloading and syncing of audio files to iPod.

podcasting is based on the backbone of code called RSS, or Real Simple Syndication. Think of the RSS feed. RSS is a way standardardized publication of information on the way and uses XML format. The way it works RSS audio content that contains boxes that are essentially URL references to web content. If a recording is a & # 39; and the web server, and this is the URL of the information displayed on the RSS code for that podcast, recording automatically synchronized been part of that is downloaded from the student & # 39; s portable device or podcast aggregator.

According PodcastingNews.com, the podcasting process works in 4 easy steps:

1) Publishers create content and post it to the web server in mp3 format

2 .) the publisher will establish and publish the RSS file that contains meta information about the audio file, such as name and description, and also will be included in the URL enclosure of the audio file location on the Internet

3) the end-user then checks for new updates to the feed by hand, or will the podcast aggregators such as iTunes will automatically check for updates on a schedule. Updates are then synchronized with your MP3 player or portable device.

4.) Users can now listen to the podcasts at their convenience.

The technical aspects of podcasting vary, as the number of equipment, mechanisms and tools for podcasting. However, if a podcast is created, it gives back one more piece of creativity in the world of online media, gives online users the opportunity to listen to brand new rich content, and the publisher provides an undeniable pride and accomplishment for sharing his interests in the world.

Source by Demetria Zinga

Podcasting: What is it and how do you start?

Podcasting is the latest trend in online and keep improving every day. This finding expression combines two words iPod and broadcasting. Podcast used to describe the video and audio equipment felt comfortable and more users.

Adam Curry and Dave Winer two people credited developing podcasting. Curry was the one who wrote a program that he called iPodder. iPodder allows you to download Internet radio stations directly to your iPod automatically. Winer, on the other hand, was a means to promote your RSS to a Really Simple Syndication.

Podcasting, you do not need an iPod to record or listen to a podcast. In fact, any person with a personal computer or an mp3 player is the ability to listen to a podcast.

We actually podcasting?

Podcasting is an audio file that you do on your computer and then upload it to the web so that others can hear them. What to do this work on the computer, microphone and voice-editing program.

There are no specific people who podcast. Actually, anyone can do it. This is ideal for women, men, home-based workers, women, the elderly and students. If you must say something, podcasting would be a great alternative to do this.

There's a routine that you want others to know? Do you have a business and want to increase the number in the ad? Have you dreamed of a host of a talk show or radio station disc jockey all? With the help of podcasting, all of the aforementioned will be impossible to achieve.

You can make your own podcast and run it.

What will you need?

• Microphone

The microphone is necessary in order for the PC to record the show. You can buy the right microphone to any electronic services or the computer store near your place.

• Voice editor

This allows you to record and edit your own show. There are free audio editing programs available on the Internet. They WavePad and fearlessness.

• Fill the Show website or Hosting Provider

After the show finished recording, you can upload to the Internet. You put your own website or otherwise use your hosting company.

As you may notice, podcasting is so simple and easy to start. Remember that just at the beginning of the new era, which certainly affected the world in the future.

Start Podcasting know, this is for you. Take the first step and notice that you will enjoy.

Source by Khieng Chho